(, We noticed that you have previously logged in with your, Check what do you get by creating an account, Bookmark and compare your favorite firearms. I do not like Sig passing the Quality Control buck to customers (personal issue). We figured now was a good time to explore some options for you. The 300 Blackout loads opened the door for various designs that answered every need in the market. you a link to reset your password. The 9-inch barrel allows you to reach the max potential of the .300 Blackout cartridge while retaining a shorter length when suppressed. I havent tried the 5.56 version. 2. The MCX Rattler evolved from the MPX, a pistol-caliber platform that is distinguished for its operating controls and ergonomics and for years has been one of Sigs most successful products. Its longer barrel provides even more accuracy on long-range shots, and its available in two of the top short-action cartridges available on the market: .260 Remington and 6.5 Creedmoor. You'll now receive newsletters of our best articles on techniques, helas9. I'm looking at building out a 5.56 little PDW pistol, possible to SBR and/or suppress later on. Flow-through cans might not provide the dwell time to cycle some subsonics, supers through a can may be incredibly gassy, ect. Select what level shooter you are! Here, you get a rifle and suppressor combination that promises Hollywood-style performance in terms of suppression. I had the factory trigger reinstalled- it feels much better for me. No reservation. I've put maybe 1000rnds through it. The HK SP5 is an authentic civilian version of the legendary HK MP5 submachine gun. Need a top tier optic for a top tier firearm, then take a look at our High-End Optics Torture Test! Oh, its also available in 5.56 NATO for those who prefer. You are using an out of date browser. Pretty much a coyote gun now, the accuracy is unreal with reliability to match. Design intent though is exactly like its named, as a personal defense weapon. Create an account to follow your favorite communities and start taking part in conversations. Learn all the important stuff about handgunswith none of the attitude. Really, I mean it this time !!! Im happy. Let us know in the comments! It is a handy caliber to have. For more information, visit the HK SP5 product page. If you can swing it, GET ONE! I was not able to handle the Rattler with a can on it but it would feel front heavy. For more information, please visit HK-USA.com. Type your new password and hit button below to confirm it. Check out our earlier article on that here. But all that aside, get the one youre drooling over more. I heard the rattler is way more gassy too but idk. WebMy DDM4 PDW was not cheap, but it was a lot cheaper than if I had gotten a rattler, especially if I changed the rattler to configure it how I wanted (upgrades/parts for Sig guns Weve beat the crap out of a handful of Romeo5 dots now and not a one of them has given up the ghost. This site is protected by reCAPTCHA and the Google Privacy Policy and Terms of Service apply. The JTAC ELF OWL 1:5 or 1:7 twist is a awesome light weight shooter and for $1500 for a custom built chassis rig it is not a bad value. Im a little late to the party but here are my takes. SOLD: Daniel Defense DDM4 PDW .300 Blackout AR-15 pistol, SOLD Daniel Defense DDM4 PDW SBR 300BLK $1750 shipped free, FS or Trade - Daniel Defense PDW .300 blk w/Trijicon MRO - New Unfired. The Personal Defense Weapon as it exists today evolved as a hybrid between a submachine gun and an AR15 rifle, retaining the compact size and ammunition capacity of the sub-gun while adding the power, accuracy, and penetration of the AR15 platform. But no Sig Sauer MCX Rattler review, or a review of MCX Rattler 300 BLK for that matter, will be complete without talking about its compatibility with other similar weapons. Once youve identified a weapon or two that looks like it might meet your needs, do some additional research, both on Daniel Defenses website and on the internet. Weight. The adjustable gas port, having two settings, doesn't give you much room to tune it, instead you have to find a unicorn $600-$800 barrel with the exact gas port sizing and maybe a differenct BCG/springs for your setup. The Sig Sauer MCX Rattler platform has never been more compact, its the perfect choice for backpacks, a truck gun, and working a variety of tight spaces. The differences are minor but worth noting. A buddy of mine has a DD 18" AR something or other and I can shoot typically 50% smaller groups with it than I can with my more vastly more economical (and admittedly amateurish) home builds. But the early PDWs were heavy, unwieldy and not really that effective. Cant really go wrong (if either are in stock anywhere). Click below for a FREE LESSON! Tax stamps are a real pain in the butt, so its easy to see why youd want a stamp for a can but not one for your rifle platform. With that in mind, Sig produced the Rattler to provide the shortest MCX platform out there. The build quality is And when your barrel is only 7-inches long, you dont have a lot of options. This exceptionally short barrel also has a slight twist rate that accommodates for heavy bullets. If weight matters most go V7P or PDW. $2699 at Kygunco Jump to Details These are some of my favorite .300 Blackout rifles, but what are yours? The adjustability of the brace on the DD outweighed the compactness of the folding brace on the sig. $3458 at Daniel Defense Jump to Details Best Compact .300 BLK Sig Sauer MCX Rattler The Rattler is small, packable, lightweight, all with Sig's excellent quality. For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. I may earn a small part of the sale from links to any products or services on this site. Most reviews while firing with a can actually state that they get more gas blowback from the Rattler than the DD PDW; strange but possible if they made some slight changes to the charging handle to divert gases. Subscribe to Pew Pew Tactical's sales and deals email. Click below for a FREE LESSON! WebThe rattler is more of a one-stop shop if you want to do home defense and range work to 200 yards. My PDW had more recoil and muzzle rise in stock form than I was expecting. Hard to go wrong with either the Daniel Defense PDW or Maxim PDX, just whichever one you like the best. Rattler is considerably smaller. If you need to hit the road quickly, having a few good bug out or truck guns in your bag probably isnt a bad idea during times like these. Type your email address and well send With a better trigger, Id say its a better all-around platform than the MCX. Truck gun style. Johnny does feel the uptake is a little different feeling but the reset is very short and the whole press is smooth. Youve seen this optic a bunch, but the Sig Sauer Romeo5 is a red dot that just keeps on giving. Utilizing Maxim Defenses game-changing CQB pistol brace, the gun compacts down to just 20.75-inches and weights the 5-pound range. All those changes made a HUGE difference in the behavior of the PDW, its as soft and flat shooting as anything now. The Alabama Arsenal video is all that's out there, and I was left unconvinced that the twist actually results in significantly more damage. disclosure: we are a DD dealer. The PDW buffer system and shorty rail may limit your options, but still, you got options for days. The Sig Rattler is more compact, more expensive, typical Sig marketing and accessorizing. This IDIQ will provide complete PDW weapons (Sig Rattlers 5.56mm and .300 Blackout caliber) that includes suppressors (SL series), cleaning kits, magazines, quick barrel change kits and force on force training kits. The password should contain at least 8 characters with at least one number or special character. The Rattler is small, packable, lightweight, all with Sig's excellent quality. This is an important distinction because possessing or purchasing a short-barreled rifle is restricted by the National Firearms Act. Typically those who want a fancier rifle from PSA will turn to their Lead Star series of rifles. Overall Im happy with the purchase. JavaScript is disabled. Only recommendation is get it registered as an SBR before the ATF cracks down on this weapon. It also takes Glock magazines, so theres that. The CZ Scorpion is a fan favorite with several different variants. The barrel length is great for squeezing the most out of the .300 Blackout with a suppressor while still being shorter than most conventional rifles. I like the DDM4 PDW because it was cheaper to purchase. First announced at SHOT Show 2015, the SMG 45 from LWRC International took a while to start showing up on shelves. Id much rather go with the DD but the Rattler is nearly 5 shorter when collapsed which is a huge consideration. Never had an issue. He is interested in helping folks protect themselves with firearms and shoot better at the range. In the short time I spent with the gun, the loudest part was the projectile hitting the target. if i wanted to put a can on the dd and put in the raid bag, would i fit? I thought the rattler was heavy AF. But I always write. With the Honey Badger, theyve taken the AR platform and shrunk it to nearly SMG size. This outstanding rifle lets you keep a minimum length gun without running afoul of any SBR or pistol brace workarounds. The trigger is solid, not match grade but a huge improvement over milspec also. Will the Rattler replace the LVAW? 2) PWS Diablo: I've Some rifles, like the DD5 V5 also feature an entirely new gas system, the Rifle +1, which dramatically smooths out the rifle to help make your long-distance shooting experience more comfortable and enjoyable. What you end up getting is a well-made, practical rifle thats just waiting for a suppressor. I travel and write and sometimes I don't have to travel to write. The PDX dominates CQB encounters and achieves maximum terminal ballistics on target. Completely different beast than the 9mm. Going to have a surefire SPS 300 on it once it gets out of jail. Toss a can on, and its still a fair bit shorter than a standard rifle. The .300 Blackout cartridge was designed explicitly for short barrels. The SIG Sauer MCX Rattler is available in 5.56 and 300 Blackout calibers. Would love to get input on other aspects, such as quality of build and reliability. DDM4 V1: This 5.56mm rifle is Daniel Defenses original flagship rifle, introduced in 2009. Its still front heavy but not so much at the muzzle, more by the hand guard meets the receiver. Familiarity to a proven system is a huge plus. Maxim Defense Industries CQB Pistol - PDW Brace for AR15. View Product New! Check out this video featuring Daniel Defense Law Enforcement Sales Manager Joe Marler. This includes the ability to fire as well. Its also equipped with the same Rail Interface System handguard chosen by USSOCOM for CQB operations worldwide and is available in two finish colors: Black or Flat Dark Earth. Now, theres a variety of truck guns below. Nothing that special about the DDM4 PDW. Moreover, installing new stocks, barrels and handguards ensure your weapon will always look and feel brand new. Move along. The store will not work correctly in the case when cookies are disabled. Be sure to follow us onFacebook,Instagram, andLinkedInfor exclusive content and deals. For more information, please visit DanielDefense.com. The Rattler platform has been adopted by SOCOM as their PDW of choice, and its easy to see why. The Ruger American Ranch .300 Blackout offers shooters a bolt-action option for suppressed usage. Tools of the trade. Reliability and accuracy were top-notch. While we mention other quality brands in this article, Maxim Defense has led the pack in the technology and development of this platform. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. And all built for under 400 $ AND on an installment payment plan ta boot. As the moniker suggests, these rifles are modeled after the iconic M4 carbine used by U.S. military forces. The ability of the PDW to be concealed under a coat or in a backpack gives it a distinct advantage over a rifle. Thanks to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, U.S. residents seem a little more focused on protecting themselves. On top of the list is the short barrel of the SBR. All three are a blast (literally) to shoot but the PDX is by far my favorite. The MCX Rattler, Sig Sauers flagship firearm, came into existence as a response to a need by the US Special Operations Command for a new personal defense To that end, Georgia-based Daniel Defense decided to jump on that train with the launch of their DDM4 PDW at this years SHOT Show industry conference in Las Vegas, Nevada. I bought a PSA pistol and couldn't be happier. Type your new password and hit button below to confirm it. So, were going to discuss a few of the major differences to help you better understand the defining characteristics of Daniel Defense firearms. Daniel Defense stands out in the crowded AR market because theyve established a reputation of quality and reliability, AND the DDM4 PDW is no exception. Learn the 3 most popular shooting stances & more. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. WebCompare specifications of Daniel Defense DDM4 PDW Pistol 300 Blackout 02-088-22070-047 and Sig Sauer MCX Rattler 300 Blackout PMCX-300B-5B-TAP. Expensive ammo. 0:12 SIG Rattler 3:54 NEMO Battle-Light 6:53 DANIEL DEFENSE DDM4 10:18 PWS MK109 12:29 WILSON Combat Protector (Honorable Mention) 14:00 MAXIM DEFENSE PDX & Contest 17:51 Clints #1 Pick Check out our second channel Outside The Warehouse: youtube.com/channel/UCE_ApAA6PIY59E6IDK-PBVg Facebook DDM4 rifles share many of the same features, which make them Daniel Defense products. The PDW is nice and small, almost too small. For information on how to purchase one of these items, you should contact a local Class 3 dealer. We actually got our hands on a prototype back in October at the 2019 Athlon Outdoors Rendezvous. We mostly shoot outdoors and I get to do a lot of running and shooting over/around barricades and so on. This patent-pending device significantly reduces recoil, decreases the flash signature, pushes gasses and concussion waves downrange away from the operator, and improves overall performance in short barrel pistols and rifles. Buyt it as a pistol and form 1 e-forms. The 300 Blackout allows for an adjustable gas block which gives you the option to use either suppressed or unsuppressed fire. DD5 V4 HUNTER: This rifle is available in .260 Remington, 6.5 Creedmoor, or .308 Winchester. Hes a lifelong shooter who just happened to be mediocre enough with a gun and a keyboard to combine the two and write. WellI know its not the best, sure isnt the fanciest.but, a few years ago on a whim I bought a PSA dissipator upper in .300 blk, pistol length gas system. I felt like I could be at risk of blowing my pecker off. In 1991, the FN P90 was announced, paired with its unique 5.7x28mm cartridge. Omaha Outdoors has SIG MCX Rattler SBR and pistol versions. Rifle Parts Reviews SB Tactical MPX Pistol Stabilizing. DDM4 rifles are available in three main calibers: 5.56mm NATO, .300 AAC Blackout, and 6.8mm SPC. It is available in both 300 Blackout and 5.56mm. Its the size of an SBR but doesnt require a tax stamp, giving you the best of the best worlds without needing two stamps. Buy once, cry once is a time-honored mantra in the firearms community, and if youre an adherentthen Daniel Defense is likely on your shortlist for AR-15s. Just holding the PDW you can feel the precision. Any rifle with a V7 in its name will feature a rail with an M-LOK attachment system. It falls under the definition of a pistol. My DDM4 has not had a single failure. MK18 PISTOL: Chambered in 5.56mm, this pistol features a 10.3-inch barrel and an SB Tactical SBA3 Pistol Stabilizing Brace. Prices keep going up from DD, and hard to get on a list to buy, but we get product every week. They come with free-floated M-LOK rails, a 3.5-pound flat-face trigger, Magpul furniture, and a set of MBUS sights to top it off. I've shot this very heavily over the past 2 years suppressed and unsupressed. This firearm is mostly a home defense or truck firearm. Let us know in the comments below! You can switch between 300 Blackout and 5.56mm easily. SOCOMs New Mk22 Sniper Rifle: The Barrett MRAD, USSOCOM Select Nightforce for Ranging Variable Power Scope, SOCOM Announce Virtual Industry Day For Lightweight Machine Gun Medium Acquisition, Check out our earlier article on that here, SOCOMs program for a PDW has been running since 2017, Check Prices on SIG Sauer MCX Rattler Pistols and Rifles. Extending it will give you 7 more in length. Last on the list is the Springfield SAINT Edge PDW. At the heart of the award-winning PDX is the Maxim SCW stock system. From start to finish the DDM4 ran flawlessly, zero malfunctions, zero issues. There are currently V1, V4, V5, V7, V9 and V11 rifles in the DDM4 product line. For 100% suppressed use. Where 5.56 only reaches its full velocity potential at 20 inches, the fatter .300 Blackout does it from a mere 9-inch barrel. Would you run Eotech EXPS3 on this or the 10.3" 300blk or DD MK18 5.56/.223 over a red dot for home defense? Pros and cons: M-LOK and KEYMOD vs PICATINNY Mil-Std-1913 RAIL. Be it shooting, upgrading, building, tinkering, or writing about them - sharing his passion and knowledge of firearms with others is an everyday occurrence. USSOCOM HQ has been researching and reviewing different systems since 2017. If size matters most, go MCX. First off, the DDM4 is a nice looking gun. Just one more gun to complete my collection. The stripped-down SBR version of the Rattler weighs in at 5.7 pounds. We dont have the real estateor the timeto get into the specifications of every gun produced by Daniel, but you can familiarize yourself with the details of any firearm on our, The difference between a rifle and short-barreled rifle is that an SBR has a shorter barrel or a shorter overall rifle length. Based on Rugers popular PC Carbine, theres a lot to like here, starting with a sub-$800 MSRP; that leaves plenty of room to add aftermarket accessories to the PC Charger, as our friends at Personal Defense World did. I got mine when they first came out and me and my family love shooting it. Press J to jump to the feed. Get Our Top Shooting Drills and Zeroing Targets ($47 value - but FREE for a limited time). I have run 220gr, 200gr, 150gr, 120gr, 110gr. And it performs. I do not own a rattler. On top of that, 20 years of warfare has been a proving ground of firearms technology. WebDDM4 PDW For Home and Personal Defense Compatible Accessories Features 1 Linear Compensator Directs muzzle blast forward, away from the shooter 2 Cold-Hammer Forged Now, we all know stripped down versions just arent going to cut it, so after adding a Trijicon MRO, SIG SRD 762 QD can, a Magpul vertical grip, a Parker Mountain Machines BCD, and dont forget a fully-loaded magazine of 220 grain subsonic rounds, we have ourselves a stout 9.4 That may change with a can attached. Cheap ammo. Thanks for the review. I fail to see for the money what the heck your paying for here. I may earn a small part of the sale from links to any products or services on this site. Overall, its what most people look for in a transportable PDW. Most Daniel Defense firearms are also available in a range of durable Cerakote finishes that protect the rifle and make it undeniably attractive. anything extra and your For more information, visit the CZ Scorpion Micro Product Page. The PDX is also equipped with the Maxim HATEBRAKE muzzle booster. One of which is the adjustable brace which in the absence of buffer tubes makes for a discreet and compact firearm with rifle-like powerful capabilities. The low-profile gas block is CNC machined from 4140 hardened steel and features a mil-spec heavy phosphate coating. A notice of intent from SOCOM to award a five-year Firm Fixed Price (FFP) contract was shared on 19 May. Traditional Rifling: Which is Better? Barrel lengths range from 16 inches up to 20 inches, and theyre all Strength-to-Weight barrel profiles to easily handle the larger loads these rifles are designed to shoot. The .300 BLK chambering is perfect for its use. This is the SIG MCX Rattler. As a first time DD owner I knew of their reputation and I can tell you it is WELL deserved. They come in assorted sizes, matched to the rifles barrel, and can play a significant role in the naming convention of the weapon. Subscribe to Pew Pew Tactical's sales and deals email. The Rattler on the other hand can comfortably fit in a tablet size pack, makes it one of the best candidates for walking around with no one having a second thought. The S&B 220 grain rounds wouldnt cycle once. Come join the discussion about optics, hunting, gunsmithing, styles, reviews, accessories, classifieds, and more! I will continue to save and wait for my chance. Visit our Amazon Influencer Page for more products we recommend:https://www.amazon.com/shop/refactortactical, Your email address will not be published. A proud American lifestyle brand! Pew science says its second to the sig srd762tiqd, which is discontinued. My DDM4 PDW was not cheap, but it was a lot cheaper than if I had gotten a rattler, especially if I changed the rattler to configure it how I wanted (upgrades/parts for Sig guns are expensive and rare.). Also standard with the DDM4 is DDs proprietary pistol grip, and its awesome! Copyright 2023 Pew Pew Media, Inc. All rights reserved. View Product Filter SIG MCX Caliber + 300 BLK 5.56 NATO 7.62x39 7.62x51 Are you ready to Buy Once, Cry Once? One of the most popular sellers this year. It bucks harder (Sig is so smooth), but if you want a rifle that will cycle everything without worrying about gas settings or needing to use a can, this is what you want. My two cents. Its 4.6x30mm cartridge would also defeat soft body armor, but the overall package of the HK MP7 was far more compact than the FN P90. I swapped the stock trigger out for a Geissele SD-E almost immediately and have been very happy. Maxim Defense PDW Brace. We'll send you the latest guides and training tips geared I primarily wanted a 300blk to suppress and a shorter barrel length to keep the overall package reasonable with a can. B&Ts ultra-compact and ultra-accurate SPR300 isnt cheap, but its dang sure impressive. Featuring a 5.5" PDW barrel, the MCX platform has never been more compact or accessible. Having some fun with it, Daniel The Q Honey Badger is a PDW-sized premier option for those seeking a gun in .300 Blackout. You'll now receive newsletters of our best articles on techniques, Daniel Defense DDM4ISR This outstanding rifle lets you keep a minimum length gun without running afoul of any SBR or pistol brace workarounds. There may be times when you are traveling that you want to keep a low profile and not be bothered. The PDW system will allow Operators to have maximum firepower in a concealable weapon. You can drive nails in close quarters and short distancesjust like PDWs are designed for. While there are pros and cons for each of these calibers, and reasons you may be attracted to one over the other, the majority of DDM4 rifles are chambered in 5.56mm. Less reliable unless tuned for your suppressor and ammo. For someone without budget worries or with limited mechanical skills, this seems like a no-brainerbut at 18xx or so, I could build my own version using PSA components, a fancy trigger and BCG, and have money leftover for a Mossberg 940 JM PRO, shifting it from no-brainer to deal-breaker. When you purchase through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission, which supports our community. After years of continuous market research, USSOCOM HQ has concluded that Sig Sauer is the only vendor that can fulfill USSOCOMs need for the Commercial PDW requirement. WebDDM4 PDW vs. Sig Rattler Canebrake shot side by side. Who says bolt action rifles cant be cool? Whats not to like about a .300 Blackout firearm that folds down to just 16 inches? WebRapid deployment, thin, agile and precise. Ive got a 300.blk MCX Canebrake suppresssed & a DDM4 v7p. While it may not be the fanciest thing on the block, it has enough bells and whistles to satisfy most shooters. It is available as a rifle platform with a minimalist folding stock or as a pistol variant. It really is a wonder round that compliments the weaknesses of the 5.56 caliber. However, at the end of the day, they still only fire a pistol caliber. It looks great. Wasnt worth the upcharge for me considering all the above. The Daniel Defense DDM4 PDW lived up to what we hoped, but thats not surprising really. 300BLK guns are usually suppressed, and piston systems are a better option than DI systems when running a suppressor. Sure, its another AR-15, but even we can tell that this is slick. A personal defense weapon (PDW) is a compact rifle similar to a submachine gun but now in an AR15 pistol or SBR rifle configuration. PSAs Custom series gets slept on, even by fans of the brand. Also, with limited space in your vehicle, the compact size of the personal defense weapon makes it the perfect truck gun. towards your level. We'll only use the information provided according to our privacy policy. I have the PDX in 7.62x39 and very happy with it. Editors Note: Recent ATF regulations have reclassified some AR pistols as SBRs under the NFA. Tech & Tactics. towards your level. This does make for a fantastic home defense, truck gun, ranch rifle, or hog killer! Full Member. SMH, I bought the 10.3" two months before DD dropped this lol. Posted: 6/25/2020 2:06:58 PM EST. The DDM4 product line offers both rifles and short-barreled rifles (SBRs). Is it worth it for you? I did, still didnt cycle with anything other than subs pushing the threshold on being supersonic. Which barrel length and profile does it have? Weve built dozens of ARs and well cover all the best AR-15 upgrades such as handguards, triggers, BCGs, gas blocks, and more. When I had the itch you describe the Sig Rattler scratched it perfectly longshot2000 Sniper's Hide Dealer: CHARLIE'S. I've the PSA 11" pistol Upper mated to a Noreen 80% Lower a buddy let me use his CAD/CAM to finish out. SLR MOD2 Front Handstop This does a few things like Freelancer and wayfarer. Its also designed for use with a suppressor, so if you do throw a can on this it will help protect you from gas blasting you in the face. As a compact firearm, the Rattler is almost unparalleled in the market. It alsocollapses to less than 14 inches, which is pretty incredible. Stainless steel, standard 5/8-24 threads, and does an outstanding job of directing the blast away from the shooter! Other than putting in the stiffer spring that comes in the box, I haven't modified anything on the gun. Adjustable to three lengths, Maxim Defense is the Cadillac of pistol braces. We saw the SIG Rattler PDW demonstrated at a US Army Expeditionary Warrior Experiments (AEWE) event back in 2019 in a configuration which might not be too Required fields are marked *, Stay up to date with all things RE Factor Tactical with updates sent directly to your inbox, The Origin of the Personal Defense Weapon, AR Pistol Brace Buyers Guide | Everything You Should Know Before Buying. I did the same. Dont forget to also check out our article on the 5 Best .300 Blackout Scopes and Optics: Correct Drops! The barrel profile has to do with the weight, cut, and overall strength of the barrel. For more information, please visit CZ-USA.com. I would be proud to have any of your weapons, in reality they are more of a work of art, and engineering. The Tavor platform features a mix of ambidextrous controls to make this even easier. DD - inexpensive, but a bit heavier. you a link to reset your password. You can read our full review! The PDW felt cheaper than the Sig (and it is). I think the main reason it doesnt stack up is the mil-spec trigger; its ass. Any rifle with a barrel thats less than 16 inches is considered an SBR. DDM4 PDW: Classified as a personal defense weapon, this short-barreled rifle features a seven-inch barrel and an overall length of only 20.75 inches, making it excellent for transporting and perfect for storing in a car or truck. At 50 yards, 300blk subs punch at ~510 ft/lbs and supers at ~1200 ft/lbs (like getting hit by a professional boxer). I dont know where to put my hands while shooting.

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